Blockchain: Ethereum network
Token Type: ERC20

Digital Currency,
available to you
anywhere in the world.

Use MainCoin for instant payments worldwide.

MainCoin is secure, open source software powered by Ethereum and backed by hundreds of thousands of users.

Why Maincoin?

Maincoin is a decentralized digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain, issued with zero issuance, meaning the number of coins is constant.

Maincoin is digital money, which is better than cash because all transactions are anonymous and secure.

Only you can manage all your funds because Blockchain technology is an independent system and has no third parties who could steal your funds or affect your transactions in any way.

Maincoin is a global, rapidly scalable financial structure.
The vast number of markets for Maincoin, as well as various currency pairs, allow you to buy or do business anywhere in the world, and the limited number of coins issued and high demand ensures steady growth in the value of Maincoin.

Invest, store, sell, profit

Cryptocurrency has no regulatory authority.
Cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation and is an independent monetary unit.
The demand for it is constantly growing, and that's why cryptocurrency is an excellent and the most reliable tool for investments.

Cryptocurrency Maincoin is a global, rapidly scalable investment vehicle.

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Economic application of Maincoin

Zebra free bulletin board
zebra is a new generation cryptocurrency bulletin board.

All kinds of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various shops, entertainment, leisure, dating and much more.

The Maincoin token is used as payment for internal services of the service and advertising.

Main Kassa Payment Crypto Aggregator
Main Kassa is a technical solution for accepting payments for any business.

The product allows you to accept payments in the Maincoin token and in other cryptocurrencies on any website of various companies and stores.

The Maincoin token is used as payment for the services of the service.

CALIBRY Social dating network
CALIBRY is a new social dating network around the world using blockchain technologies.

The use of the Maincoin token as payment for the use of the resource.


  • Clothes

  • Covers

  • Accessories

  • Souvenirs

  • Mugs

  • Masks

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Watches

  • Shaker

Markets Maincoin

Media Cooperation