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BNB Chain

Digital Currency,
available to you
anywhere in the world.

The main economic direction of the token
is its use as a means of mutual settlements
in the commercial ecosystem of products and services.

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Exchange Maincoin for any on-chain token or between 30 blockchains in one click!

The development of blockchain technologies allows you to make anonymous and secure transactions in a matter of minutes.

Only you can manage your assets, since the blockchain is an independent system and has no third parties that could somehow affect your funds.

Maincoin is a global rapidly scalable financial structure.

Using the Maincoin token and its ecosystem, you can make purchases or conduct business anywhere in the world.

Earn with Maincoin

The Maincoin token has many tools for earning money.

You can simply invest in a token and earn from raising its rate.

You can provide liquidity for trading pairs on decentralized exchanges and earn trading commissions.

You can participate in LP token stacking to get rewards in various tokens.

You can participate in the Maincoin token stacking and receive rewards in various tokens.


Economic application of Maincoin

Zebra free bulletin board
zebra is a new generation cryptocurrency bulletin board.

All kinds of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various shops, entertainment, leisure, dating and much more.

The Maincoin token is used as payment for internal services of the service and advertising.

Maincoin Swap
Maincoin Swap is an aggregator of cross-chain swaps that allows you to trade any of 15,000+ assets on 20 blockchains in one click.

Maincoin Swap is a broad-spectrum crypto derivatives market with leverage up to 200x.

The company uses the commissions received from the trade turnover to purchase the MNC token in order to add this token to farms and bets for profit by the community

Main Kassa Payment Crypto Aggregator
Main Kassa is a technical solution for accepting payments for any business.

The product allows you to accept payments in the Maincoin token and in other cryptocurrencies on any website of various companies and stores.

The Maincoin token is used as payment for the services of the service.

CALIBRY Social dating network
CALIBRY is a new social dating network around the world using blockchain technologies.

The use of the Maincoin token as payment for the use of the resource.


MAIN.FM is a streaming radio.

MAIN.FM it is the official media asset of the company Maincoin Money.

MAIN.FM is about positive emotions and good mood.

MAIN.FM is the best music for you 24/7.

Maincoin NFT

Official collections of NFT tokens Maincoin.


  • Clothes

  • Covers

  • Accessories

  • Souvenirs

  • Mugs

  • Masks

  • Pillows

  • Blankets

  • Watches

  • Shaker

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