Terms and Conditions

Before using this site, carefully read these terms and conditions.
By using this site, you acknowledge acceptance of these terms and conditions and consent to their observance.

1. General terms

1.1. Participation on the maincoin.money platform is possible only for persons who have reached the age of majority, which is established by law in the country of residence.
This is usually 18 years and older.

1.2. Passing the MNC product purchase procedure on the official website https://maincoin.money/, and exactly like the subsequent cooperation, is solely a decision made by the platform user voluntarily, without external influence, coercion or threats.

1.3. https://maincoin.money/ is under no obligation to transfer any personal data of the user to any third parties.

2. Rights and obligations of the parties

2.1. User has the right to:

2.1.1. Make a purchase of an MNC product on the site.

2.1.2. Transfer money to your account in the system using any of the methods available on the website.

2.1.3. Make one or more MNC purchases at your discretion.

2.1.4. Take part in promotions and contests held on the platform according to the rules of promotions and contests published on the official website.

2.1.5. Become a member of the affiliate program and attract referrals, getting affiliate rewards.

2.2. User agrees:

2.2.1. Use only payment instruments belonging to him to purchase an MNC product in the system.

2.2.2. Keep customer data safe and not pass it on to third parties.

2.3. maincoin.money has the right:

2.3.1. Block the User’s operations in the event of payment system notifying the User’s illegal actions.

2.3.2. Refuse to provide the User with services if the User attempts to attack or otherwise harm the platform and the company's legal entity (slander, defamation, blackmail, website hacking attempts, spam, etc.).

2.3.3. Modify, add, rename, or leave unchanged any sections, clauses and sub-clauses of these terms and conditions notifying users of the site.

2.4. maincoin.money undertakes:

2.4.1. Ensure the confidentiality of the personal data of the User.

2.4.2. Make accruals on the details of the User with the MNC product in accordance with the conditions and quantity of the MNC purchase.

2.4.3. Monitor the health of the site.

3. Terms of doing business

3.1. maincoin.money has no restrictions on the duration of its activities, since this type of activity does not contradict the laws of the countries in whose jurisdiction maincoin.money operates.

In addition to the circumstances of force majeure, namely (earthquakes, floods, etc.), the circumstances of public life (military actions, emergency situations, the largest strikes)

4. Settlements

4.1. The user can purchase the product at any time in any way available on the site.

4.3. When purchasing an MNC product on maincoin.money, commissions are provided by the payment systems selected to make the payment.

5. Copyright

5.1. All content that is contained on the pages and attachments of the maincoin.money site, whether text, graphic or other information, is the exclusive intellectual property of maincoin.money.

5.2. Any references, verbatim or partly verbatim citations of this content must be accompanied by a mandatory mention of intellectual property.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. These Terms and Conditions of Use are obligatory for familiarization by all Users of the maincoin.money platform

6.2. The Parties acknowledge that these Rules are a Cooperation Agreement, which is confirmed by the fact that the MNC product purchase procedure has been completed.

6.3. The agreement is legally binding and cannot be challenged by third parties.

6.4. All disputes and disagreements arising between the parties in the process of business interaction, according to this agreement, are resolved through negotiations. If it is impossible to eliminate them, the parties have the right to apply for judicial protection of their interests.

6.5. Disagreements that are not settled by negotiation are subject to judicial review in the country in whose jurisdiction maincoin.money is registered.