Maincoin money


23 JULY 2020

The beginning of the development resources

AVTOMAIN BUSINESS is a monitoring of any earnings in the network.
The site will feature:
Invest projects, HYIPs, farms, matrices, exchanges, casinos, ICO projects, cryptocurrencies, EPS, wallets, exchangers, aggregators, studios, various business monitoring, stores, business forum, MLM Leaders, Bloggers and much more
The resource will also provide detailed instructions for beginners how to build your business online.

BOOM - BO! is a Bulletin Board for products and services.
All kinds of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various stores, free ads, entertainment, leisure, charity and much more.

MAIN KASSA is a multi-currency crypto-aggregator for accepting and paying online payments on any site.
The platform works without commissions.
You only pay a Commission for an Ethereum blockchain transaction.
Complete absence of third parties.
Storing and managing funds only from your wallets.
Instant API payment Maincoin and other cryptocurrencies on any number of wallets.

RED Change is a monitoring of exchange rates and exchanges.
This resource will show in real time all current exchange rates, as well as reserves of exchange services - currencies and crypto currencies, including exchange rates and pairs of cryptocurrency Maincoin.

You can learn more about these resources in the Road map section.

28 MARCH 2020


March 28, 2020-the Official release of the second version of the MainCoin Wallet with more advanced functionality.

- This functionality will allow you to use the service to work with various cryptocurrencies

1) Detailed information about transactions
2) Detailed information about all available cryptocurrencies in the wallet
3) Address book
4) Various ways to access your wallet
5) Flexible Commission settings
6) The Ability to store and transfer cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic

20 JANUARY 2020


January 20, 2020 - Update of the MAINCOIN EXPLORER service
Improvements and additions:
1) Multi-Currency calculator for fast conversion of the coin rate to any currency
2) Field with the current online course
3) "Market capitalization" Field"
4) Field " trading Volume 24 hours"
5) "Circulating offer" Field"
6) "General offer" Field"
7) Improved widget-graph " Transactions per week"