Maincoin money

Maincoin Wallet

The MainCoin wallet very easy to use.

The MainCoin wallet is fully adapted to different types of cryptocurrencies and has a high degree of protection. MainCoin universal wallet for storing coins as well suited purse

Pay special attention to the security of your wallet..
Try to store all passwords and private keys on different media: paper and electronic.
In no case do not pass your passwords and keys to third parties, use the entrance to your wallet only from the official site of

Remember — the electronic key is not restored!
Restore access to your wallet if you lose the key, it is possible only by your password.

MainCoin allows you to have full control over your money.
MainCoin allows you to easily and quickly transfer amounts anywhere and anytime.

MainCoin is able to provide you with a high level of security, if you use it correctly.
Always remember that it is your responsibility to use best practices to protect your money.

Maincoin Wallet address:

Maincoin money

MainCoin Wallet

Maincoin money

The instruction on work with a purse MainCoin.