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The MAINCOIN coin is not an investment contract.
The MAINCOIN coin is not a security.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD distributes utilitarian MAINCOIN coins for use on a particular blockchain and in the network itself.
The company does not own a network that is decentralized and supported by the main holders.

MAINCOIN coins can be used in various ways, but only in the blockchain network.
The company MAINCOIN MONEY LTD does not issue securities or debt instruments.

The MAINCOIN MONEY LTD platform is a real example of a peer-to-peer ecosystem.
Users of the platform are both individuals (consumers) and businessmen (on the B2B platform).

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD creates a network based on the Ethereum token solution, which brings together small and medium-sized businesses for mutual trade with each other as members of a peer-to-peer network.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD is an open platform that runs on distributed Ledger technology, making it open and transparent to all participants.

The MAINCOIN token is intended for the development of digital cryptocurrency markets and objects for various purposes, followed by their launch and integration into a unique ecosystem.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD has created a crypto-coin for e-Commerce, providing a payment solution for the convenience of the user. In fact, it is just a crypto-coin, with which consumers can pay for services with the MAINCOIN coin.

"Payment transactions" are made exclusively in MAINCOIN coins directly from the payer to the payee, without any intermediary intervention.
MAINCOIN MONEY LTD acts as a P2P platform connecting various businesses and consumers through integration with the blockchain.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD allows any user to create their own services and applications.
Each participant is able to act as an independent business unit.

The MAINCOIN coin allows you to join a peer-to-peer network.
That is why the platform is developing due to the network effect.


Since the main users of coins can create their own services and offer them to other users, the MAINCOIN coin acts as a framework and provides only a set of tools for users interested in solving their own business problems.

Thus, users create a peer-to-peer network on their own.

Due to the fact that the MAINCOIN coin is mainly aimed at participants who want to offer their products and services, MAINCOIN is an online network market.


The platform provides tools for implementing these functions or roles and a place to communicate.

The MAINCOIN MONEY LTD platform automates traditional business relationships using peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies, which in turn leads to a decentralized management system.

The digital path that connects users to the network is open source.
Users choose their own roles in the network.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD is not a user transaction operator, does not provide financial agent services in relation to transactions between platform participants, and is not a guarantor.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD does not carry out credit activities.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD pursues not only commercial goals, but also solves socially important tasks: creating access for small businesses to financial business tools.

Any beginner can become the main user of the blockchain by buying a MAINCOIN coin from another holder.


The MAINCOIN MONEY LTD company conducts active technological developments on the basis of the MAINCOIN coin introducing it more and more into commercial business structures.

The main core of the MAINCOIN coin application is primarily payments between users for goods and services, as well as mutual settlements between large and small enterprises.


MAINCOIN MONEY LTD continues to improve its existing MAINCOIN-based products, create new technology products, create resources using the coin, expand markets, develop and scale the coin's commercial ecosystem.

Thanks to the company's commercial products, the development of the coin ecosystem is aimed specifically at the commercial scaling segment, thus the coin is becoming more and more users and widely used in the economy.

This creates a liquidity of the coin and a deficit in the market, which in turn leads to a constant demand for the coin and its investment benefits.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD is committed to the continuous development of the coin ecosystem, showing investors the attractiveness of the project for future investment and increased demand from companies or ordinary users.