Coin Minecoin, is the official coin of Avtomain Holding, currently held an ICO coin

The course of the coin at this time is — 60 cents

About the coin:

Coin standard — ERC20

Trademark — Maincoin

Reduction — MNC

Smart contract — 0x9f0f1be08591ab7d990faf910b38ed5d60e4d5bf

Emission — 500 000 000 of coins

250 000 000 Coins are sold in 4 stages

Not sold coins during the ICO period are burned

250 000 000 Coins remain in Avtomain Holding exclusively not for sale, but for the development of Avtomain Holding's business, in particular, these coins are the authorized capital of the Holding, and are mined by partners in the form of receiving dividend interest "cash back"

Full report is present at WP

The price at the first stage is 15 cents

The price at the second stage is 30 cents

Price in the third stage 45 cents

Price in the fourth stage 60 cents

Coin site —

The coin has its own branded universal wallet —

Github Coin —

Own Coin Explorer —

In the near future, the mobile version of the wallet for Android and IOS will be ready (Works are in the completion stage)

The coin has an extensive ecosystem, and it is practically involved in many payment systems and financial institutions as a means of payment, and also works are underway to add and further expand the coin ecosystem as a full-fledged payment instrument

The coin is used not only as a means of payment, but also as an official means of settlement in a group of already operating companies