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Today, many organizations are required to maintain accounting records which take into account all financial transactions.
Using Maincoin - provides the highest level of transparency.

At any time, any company can provide any financial information to its partners, at no additional cost.
Charitable organizations can also provide a public report on donations.

Companies leading various businesses, starting with Maincoin, are able to completely reduce the cost of various types of reporting and accounting, as well as significantly increase the savings due to low fees and instant transactions.

MAINCOIN MONEY LTD is actively developing products that allow you to automate and simplify any business processes.
An important aspect of business tools is the high degree of protection and ease of use, as well as the complete absence of third parties.

Maincoin Wallet

The universal wallet Maincoin allows you to easily and quickly make transactions around the world.

The Maincoin wallet is very easy to use and high-tech.

Complete absence of controlling organizations or any intermediaries.

The Maincoin wallet is fully adapted to different types of cryptocurrencies and has a high degree of protection.




Main Kassa

This is a unique technical solution for any business, the product allows you to accept payments in Maincoin on any website of various companies in automatic mode,and the product also allows you to make instant API payments of Maincoin coins to any number of wallets.

the product has a high degree of protection and complete independence in the use, storage and management of funds only from platformer wallets, excluding any action of third parties.


Maincoin Explorer

This is a fully transparent reporting on the coin.
All fund movements are tracked around the world at any time, which greatly simplifies the conduct of any business and also significantly reduces accounting costs.

This product has a lot of functionality that allows you to convert a coin into various currencies and cryptocurrencies, shows the turnover of trading on exchanges and the total capitalization.





zebra — this is a bulletin board for goods and services.

All kinds of goods and services, cars, real estate, job ads, various shops, free ads, entertainment, leisure, charity and much more.

A special feature of the resource is the ability to pay for all goods or services in the Mainсoin cryptocurrency.