MainCoin Money


We set an ambitious goal to build an ecosystem that will allow users to invest, entertain, and earn profit. Maincoin will be the main link of the ecosystem – a decentralized cryptocurrency for trading and investing in financial markets, virtual goods, other cryptocurrencies, and online entertainment.

Alexandr Firsov

London, Great Britain

Chief of project
creator token maincoin



Rostov, Russia

Art director of project

Farida Gaisina

Ufa, Bashkortostan

Head of the Department of International Relations of project

Olga Pankova

Anapa, Russia

Head of the Department of marketing project The manager of the holding company Avtomain Taxi.

Elena Serebrennikova

Gelendzhik, Russia

Supervisor project

Dmitry Mamit'ko

Vladivostok, Russia

The head of the online school "Profi" project

Viktor Lavrenuk

Nizhny, Novgorod

The head of the security department of the project

Lubov Afanas'eva

Novorossiysk, Russia

Head of Marketing Development Department of project

Elena Nashilevskaya

Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan

Business coach, head of the advertising development and promotion department of the project

Elena Korobeynikova

Sarapul, Udmurtia

Head of design department of the project

Nadejda Kireeva

Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Head of Department of Psychology, Ethics and Relations of project

Sergey Polukarikov

Petrozavodsk, Russia

Head of the Department of Technical Support Service of the project

MainCoin Money

Our consultants

Bruno Imhof

Zuerich, Schweiz

Head of German speaking